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Online Age Calculator

Age Calculator

This age calculator has been designed to calculate your current age based on the input provided in the ‘Date of Birth’ field. Alternatively, you can enter a date of your choice in the ‘Current Age or Age as of’ field to know your age at that particular point in time.

Advanced Age Calculator

Input The Date Of Birth And Current Date Or The Date Till You Want To Calculate And Click On Calculate Age To Get Result

Additionally, this calculator can be used to determine the age of things such as a historical monument or a vintage/collectable item. For such calculations, enter the date on which the construction of the monument was completed or when the collectable item was procured in the ‘Date of Birth’ field and the present date in the ‘Current Age or Age as of’ field to calculate the age of the monument or the item.

The calculator displays the age in terms of years, months and days.


Age calculator is an online tool with which you can find out your age using your date of birth and the current date. The tool helps to find out the difference in time between two dates. The result is displayed in years, months, weeks, and days. The results are also not affected by the time zone of a person since the tool just tells you the difference in time. The age calculator is based on the common age system, therefore it can be used by everyone.

The Age Calculator can determine the age or interval between two dates. The calculated age will be displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

The age of a person can be counted differently in different cultures. This calculator is based on the most common age system. In this system, age increases on a person's birthday. For example, the age of a person who has lived for 3 years and 11 months is 3, and their age will increase to 4 on their next birthday one month later. Most western countries use this age system.

In some cultures, age is expressed by counting years with or without including the current year. For example, a person who is twenty years old is the same age as another person who is in their twenty-first year of life. In one of the traditional Chinese age systems, people are born at age 1 and their age increases up at the Traditional Chinese New Year rather than their birthday. For example, if one baby is born just one day before the Traditional Chinese New Year, 2 days later, the baby will be 2 even though he/she is only 2 days old.

In some situations, the months and day results of this age calculator may be confusing, especially when the starting date is the end of a month. For example, we count Feb. 20 to Mar. 20 to be one month. However, there are two ways to calculate the age from Feb. 28, 2022 to Mar. 31, 2022. If we consider Feb. 28 to Mar. 28 to be one month, then the result is one month and 3 days. If we consider both Feb. 28 and Mar. 31 as the end of the month, then the result is one month. Both calculation results are reasonable. Similar situations exist for dates like Apr. 30 to May 31, May 30 to June 30, etc. The confusion comes from the uneven number of days in different months. In our calculations, we use the former method.

How to Calculate Age Online?

You can calculate your age online by using this tool through providing your date of birth details and the date you want to calculate for it. Here are some basic steps through you can calculate age follows:

  1. you will see a calculator as shown above.

  2. In the date of birth field enter your date of birth in the DD, MM and YYYY format.

  3. Next enter the particular date you want to calculate for it in the specified field. (DD, MM and YYYY format).

  4. Finally click on the 'Calculate' button to calculate your age in the year, month and day format.

  5. You can check your result in the answer section on the top of the calculator.

  6. You can reset the Age Calculator tool by clicking on the reset button in the left side of the Calculate button.

What is an age calculator?

An age calculator is a digital tool that can be used to calculate the age of a person, place or thing, based on the information provided in the calculator.

About Age Calculator

This is an online based calculator tool where you can calculate your age in year, month and day format. It is a very useful and simple tool for calculating ages online. The design of this tool is very simple and good user friendly. This tool is suitable for all kinds of devices like laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet etc. Accuracy and the speed of this calculator is very good. You can rely on the result of this tool.

Age Calculator Uses

Calculate the age of a person, place or thing. The age calculator calculates age given a date of birth in years, months and days. You can also use this calculator to find the length of time between two dates.

The age calculator finds the age time span in years, months and days, months and days, and in total days only.

How to use this age calculator?

By default, the calculator shows the present date in both the ‘Date of Birth’ and the ‘Current Age or Age as of’ field.

To calculate your current age or that of an object/thing, fill the ‘Date of Birth’ field with relevant details and leave the ‘Current Age or Age as of’ field as it is. On the other hand, to know how old you were or would be at a certain point in time, fill the ‘Date of Birth’ field with relevant details and enter the required date in the ‘Current Age or Age as of’ field. This process can also be followed to determine the age of a place or thing as of a certain date.

Here is a list of the steps that need to be followed to operate this calculator:

  1. First, select the relevant month, date, and year from their respective drop-down menus in the ‘Date of Birth’ field

  2. Now, fill the ‘Current Age or Age as of’ field by selecting the relevant month, date, and year from their respective drop-down menus or leave the field as it is (as per your requirement)

  3. Then click on the ‘CALCULATE’ button to get the result

  4. To make a new calculation, click on the ‘Clear’ button to reset the calculator and enter new data, as per your requirement

How to Calculate Age by Age Calculator?

This age calculator uses 2 similar but slightly different methods to calculate age. One method is used to give age in years, months and days, and also months and days. The other method is used to very precisely calculate age in total days only.

When calculating age to the detailed level of days it's important to remember that not all months have the same number of days. Also, while a year has 365 days, a leap year has 366 days.

When you calculate age in terms that include years, this calculator provides the answer in common terms. For example, a teenager might say he is 15 years old rather than saying he's 12 normal years old plus 3 leap years old. This age calculator uses the same assumption -- although we know years may have different lengths, we generalise between regular years and leap years, and call them equal.

The same is true for months. If a baby is 7 months old, the parents would not say she is 4 months that are 31 days long, plus 2 months that are 30 days long, plus 1 month that is 28 days long. We typically generalise across months of different lengths, and count them all equal as general months.

The age calculator finds age in terms that are commonly used, calling all years equal and all months equal. When calculating days however, the calculator uses a function to find the precise number of days between dates.

If you wanted to know how many days you've been alive you need to account for extra days in leap years. You also need to know the total number of months with 31 days, total months with 30 days, and total months with 28 days.

The age calculator uses a function that recognizes how many leap years are in a given time span. It also calculates the specific number of days in a partial year. For example, if you were born on March 5 and today is June 7, the calculator finds the exact number of days that occur between those dates.

Your age in total number of days is calculated as:

  • Number of years, x, with 365 days = 365x plus

  • Number of years, y, with 366 days = 366y plus

  • Number of days in the remaining partial year

This calculator assumes the start date is day 0 and begins counting one full day after day 0. For example if you input the dates 03/15/2022 and 3/18/2022 into the calculator you will get a total age of 3 days. Day 1 is the 16th, day 2 is the 17th, and day 3 is the 18th. The 15th is not counted in the tally of days.

What does the output page of this Age calculator show?

  1. The output page has two sections:

  2. The main output section displays the age in terms of years, months, and days or as is applicable

  3. The ‘Singular Expression’ section segregates the whole duration/age and displays it either in terms of months and days or weeks and days or only days or hours or minutes or seconds

How does this age calculator work?

India, as a country, is an amalgamation of cultures where various types of traditional calendars are followed. Prominent among them include the Saka Samvat, Vikram Samvat, and the Hijri calendar. But, when it comes to official purposes, the Gregorian calendar is the calendar used in India as well as various countries around the world.

This calculator also uses the Gregorian calendar to make calculations. A year is divided into 365 days in this calendar, except for a leap year, which has 366 days. The total number of days in a calendar year is categorised into 12 months of varying lengths. Each month either has 30 or 31 days, except February which has 28 days in a normal year and 29 days in a leap year.

The system used by this calculator is the most commonly used age system. In this calculator, a person’s age starts from zero and the person turns one year old only after 12 months have passed. Similarly, in any type of age calculation here, the age is increased by one year after the completion of 12 months from the birth date/start date.

What role does time zone play in the process of age calculation?

Though the time zone doesn’t play a significant role in age calculation, this calculator can detect the user's time zone and display the required age accordingly.

What Is the Chronological Age?

“The chronological age of any person is the total amount of time that he has lived from the day of birth to the present date”

Whenever you calculate how old am I today, you actually figure out your chronological age. Your chronological age never stops and continuously increases as the year passes. It mentions the definite amount of time an individual has been alive.

How Can I Calculate My Age?

A traditional practice of age calculation involves a couple of methods:

  • Calculating age in years, months, and days, or

  • Age in total days

Our age calculator supports both results but gives you generalised outputs. Let us discuss what it means!

The tool focuses on a common day count (say 30) for each month when calculating your age in years. But when it comes to age in days, it counts the exact number of days against each month and lets you know the results. Not only this, but the tool also considers leap years while doing age calculations which is a plus!

How Old Am I Today?

Do not worry if you do not know how old you are. You may find it difficult to calculate how many days you have lived from birth till now. You may make a rough guess by multiplying your age in years by 365. But it will not let you know the exact number of days you have lived till today. But if you enter your date of birth and current date in the age calculator, you will surely get the answer of How old am I. Let’s figure out the date formats our calculator utilises!

How Do You Find Out Someone’s Age?

If you are willing to know the age of someone, you may better:

  • Active on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. When you become a friend of someone, chances are there that you may get full access to his/her personal record which may include age as well Use services by Public Record Search Sites. These platforms contain accurate information about a person including voter registration and age, etc.

  • Subject to USA People Search, which is the only way to obtain a person’s records including previous or current address, age, and relatives.

  • Use an age calculator that will allow you to count the exact age of any individual in different frequencies mentioned before

How Old Was I on X Date?

Here X date means any past or future age. Many people desire to count age on a certain date in past history or an upcoming date. If you are one of them, we are around to aid! What you need to do here is:

  • Enter the date in the “Age at Date” field of my age calculator. It will readily perform age calculation online accordingly and let you know how old you were or will be on that date

How Old Was The Oldest Person Ever?

The oldest woman ever was Jeanne Calment who was a France native. When her birth date (February 21, 1875) and death date (August 4, 1997) were entered in a computer age calculator, it calculated that she survived for about 122 years and 164 days.

When it comes to the oldest men, it was Jiroemon Kimura from Japan. He remained alive for 116 years and 54 days till his last day, recorded as June 12, 2013.

How Age Calculator Works?

This up-to-date age counter requires your certain attention to the input you enter in it. To avoid hindrance, just stick to the given steps below to calculate age:

Inputs: Enter your “Date of Birth” and “Age at Date” in their respective fields and tap calculate

Outputs: Age in years, months, and  days,


What Age Will Be My In 2050?

Well, it depends on your date of birth! Let us make a supposition that you were born on 5.07.2001. So inserting this date in our date of birth calculator will let you know that your age will be 49 years in the year 2050 (before your birthday arrives) and 49 years (after your birthday is passed).

If I Am 15, What Year I Was Born?

If your current age is 15 years, then your birth year is either 2007 (if your birthday has passed) or 2006 (if your birthday has not passed yet).

How Old Am I If I Was Born In 1920 to 2023?

If you are willing to know your current age with respect to your birth year, then go through the table below that is intuitively designed to let you know your age.

Abbreviations Used in the Age Calculator

This is a very simple tool for user perspective an languages are use in this tool is vey common for user understandability. In this tool we have used some abbreviations as:

  • DD = Date (Enter date in 2 digit)

  • MM = Month (Enter Month in 2 digit)

  • YYYY = Year (Enter Year in 4 digit)

Age Calculator For Various Exams And Recruitment

The Age Calculator is also useful for various competitive examinations and recruitment such as SSC, BPSC, UPSC, IBPS, NDA, CRPF, BSF, ITBP, Indian Army, SSB, Indian Navy, Air Force etc.

Candidates can easily calculate their age by using this tool, just provide your date of birth and age as per your recruitment exams in the specified field correctly. You will get age in year(s), month(s) and day(s) format in the above result box. This tool is very fast and simple for aspirants who want to calculate their age for various competitive examinations and recruitment.

Age Calculator by Date of Birth

You can easily calculate your age in year(s), month(s) and day(s) format by date of birth. Just enter your date of birth and age as in the specified field in the DD, MM and YYYY formats. You will get your age in the above result box.

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